Collection: Dennis Jarvis

The vibrant contemporary art of Dennis Jarvis has the unique energy of a modern renaissance man - to view his art is to share in the experience of being a World-Wide, Award-Winning, Self-Made, Creator-Owner, Pro-Athlete, Artist-Sculptor, Craftsman-Shaper. The passion it takes tobecome a multidisciplinary auteur is expressed in his art, conveyed by bold colors, black and white design and the visual impact of shape. Working with mixed media, resin, paint, fiberglass and foam, the work of Jarvis creates a boomerang effect. “If my work incites an emotion, that isthe biggest compliment I can get.” Jarvis explains his philosophy of art is to cause a reaction.“Everything has a frequency, a vibration, an energy and we as humans react to that.” The influence of his artwork started 50 years ago as he ignited the bold graphic imagery that continues to define the extreme sports art scene. Jarvis is the artist-owner of Gallery 208 in Manhattan Beach where his art and sculpture are displayed. Original art, sculpture, furnitureand installations available by commission.